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My name is Chris Ash.

You may have landed here from one of the many places I freqent on the Internet, or I may have given you a business card. Here is a selection of things you may learn about me. There is a blog here too, but rarely have I kept that up to date.

The Particulars

  • I live in Madison, WI.
  • I'm a Psychology Major at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.
  • I play bass guitar in a rock band (and I haven't updated that site in forever).
  • Amateur Photographer
  • Big fan of Gaming (online and off)
  • Fountain Pen Aficionado
  • Buddhist
  • Geek

The Work

My first career was spent in graphic design. Even though I spent twenty years doing that, I'm more than willing to do some design work on a freelance basis. I'm also a generalized technology expert, especially with Macs. Know someone who needs help with their technology (computers, blogs, iphones, etc.)? My rates are reasonable and I'm a patient teacher.

The Bottom Line

Whether I gave you my card or not, I'm probably interested in something you do. Maybe you need a new logo designed for your business (or something much more complicated.) Perhaps we're classmates and need to compare notes, or maybe we should play some video/board games.